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On 24th March, the Global Internship Program Talkshow, one of the 4 activities in the Global Internship Program Recruitment took place successfully at Melbourne Hall, RMIT International University. The events had the participation of guest speakers from Unilever, First Alliances and IDP and attracted nearly 100 participants from many universities in Ho Chi Minh City


Joining the events, the students did have a great chance to interact directly with high-profile guest speakers to understand more about the importance of international exposure from the view of employer, employees and educators.


Ms Karen Davies, Managing Director of First Alliances

“If there is a person who studies 4 yeas in Vietnam and has a great mark, there is a person who studies 1 year overseas and there is a person who works 1 year overseas, I will choose the 2nd and the 3rd since 1 year studying overseas equals to 4 years studying in Vietnam and 1 year working for overseas equals to 5 years working in Vietnam”, Ms Karen Davies, Managing Director  of First Alliances said.

Ms Katherine Wu – Vice President of Finance Unilever Vietnam

From the view of Ms Katherine Wu – Vice President of Finance Unilever Vietnam, “In the selection and promotion process, we do not select best people, we select the suitable people with open-mindedness, global mindset and high adaptability”.

Besides the practical panel discussions with our honoured guests, students also had the chance to listen to the touching exchange stories of the returnees from Global Internship program of AIESEC, Ms. Le Hoang Phuong Vy – sophomore at Foreign Trade University and Ms. Lam Sophie – Senior at the same one. They shared their sweet and tough memories about their social projects and how they have changed after the internship, a person with a common profile of open-mindedness and adaptability.

The Global Internship Program Talkshow ended successfully. The Talkshow did touch and raise the awareness of the student about the importance of international exposure.

Ms. Le Anh Thu, sophomore at Foreign Trade University shared with us “This event is really professional, from the way of organizing to the guest speakers. Although I have gone internship of AIESEC before but After this event, I realize that I still lack quite many things to fulfill my dreams of  working for a multinational company. It makes me quite worried about my future job. I think I need to take more internship to other counries to learn more and gain more international experience as Karen said that she learnt from each country she visited one precious thing” . This concern of Ms. Anh Thu is also the concern of some students we interview after the Talkshow.

Now it’s time for you, the students in Vietnam, to choose, step out your comfort zone and take action. Don’t let the lack of the international experience, one you can get from many opportunities around you, limit your career opportunities in the future.

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